Fruit product picking or natural item gathering is an infrequent development (paid or recreational) that occurs during harvest time in domains with natural item growing wild or being developed in ranches. 

Sultan kamara Apple picking is a development found at apple farms. Apple manors may be opened to individuals when all is said in done, empowering customers to pick their very own apples or purchase pre-picked apples. 

Regardless of the way this is finally a system for securing apples, it is normally a social activity as well. Apple picking is every now and again a standard dating custom in the American Midwest. Apple manors considering a family excursion will give additional activities past the picking of apples. Many have petting zoos, bistros and country shops that sell related things, for instance, home-made sticks and sticks. This piece of the activity is especially conspicuous in the Northeastern United States and Southern Ontario and Southern Québec in Canada. 

The apples that tumble off the trees are normally used to make squeezed apple. Squeezed apple is a juice made beating the apples, by then pressing out the juice. 

Most characteristic item picking is done by transient workers, who can be paid commonly low wages. In California, Mexican homeless people most as regularly as conceivable make each vital stride. There has been much dialog about displacing workers with automation.[citation needed] It puts various out of work.