Business Developer Urgently Needed Apply Now

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Undertake direct outside sales assignments and assist with corporate marketing support for the Director of Business Development to ensure the Company maintains the necessary sales and marketing efforts to meet its profit objective and to expand its competitive position in its markets.

Duties include:

· Utilize Edwards’ prospect/client database for use during telephone solicitation and/or personal meetings. This information should be kept in the CRM allowing separate notes for each company or agency. All pertinent data concerning that company or agency, should be entered i.e., date, topic of conversation, and result or follow up listed for each call.

· Through reporting services, networking and telephone and email solicitation, identify prospective owners, architects, other consultants and projects for which Edwards could potentially become involved.

· Maintain active exposure by attending local and state events where Edwards Construction Services, Inc., name might be exposed to potential customers.

· Maintain personal contact with prospects and existing clients to determine future contracting needs.

· Prepare proposals, letters, etc. for the Company. Utilize a RFQ proposal log to record data on all prospects where RFQs have been submitted and where vital information is available.

· Be aware of Market changes such as building inventory demand, competitive contractor pricing (fees), government policy and competition, which could affect Edwards’ ability to successfully secure future work.

· Oversees mailing of Corporate Brochure and entry into the brochure log and database (ACT!) for his/her prospects/clients.

· Perform various other related duties and handle any unassigned, unexpected, or unusual problems or circumstances that may occur, and any special requests that may be assigned or deemed necessary by the President, Chief Operations Officer, or Director of Business Development.

· Continuously serve as a sounding board and impartial advocate for our client’s needs. Before, during and after construction touch base and find out how our teams are doing. Report back to the Directors with any positive or negative feedback. Take action with the teams to resolve any issues and keep our client’s completely satisfied.

Scope and Limits of Authority

· Receives supervision from Director of Business Development for all marketing related issues. Has the authority to make decisions regarding marketing within the framework of the Business/Marketing Plan.


  • Has an interest in customer welfare.
  • Enjoys dealing with people.
  • Interacts with customers and fellow employees in a pleasant and effective manner.
  • Works independently or as part of a team
  • Follows specific instructions
  • Has or possesses strong communication skills for face-to-face and telephone interactions with customers.
  • Has or possesses knowledge of office rules and regulations
  • Has or possesses discretion in handling confidential/sensitive project information.
  • Has or possesses ability to access, input, and retrieve information from a personal computer.
  • Has or possesses ability to understand and carry out complex instructions.
  • Should be in tune with the overall morals of the Company.
  • Exhibits by example, Edwards’ policies, procedures, and philosophies concerning ethics and professional relations.

Education and Experience Requirements

Minimum of a four year degree in Engineering, Construction Technology, Architecture, business, marketing or three years’ experience marketing construction services.